Pushing Past "Stuck"

When church breaks your heart, it’s hard to know what the next step should be. Should you try to salvage the relationship, remain friendly acquaintances, or vow to never see each other again?

Peeking at Heaven

It’s a question that follows us through life—yet its answer is only delivered upon final breath. Thus, the heavenly mystery continues, spurring imaginations from our mind and questions from our faith.

Prayer, Meditation, and Taking Out the Trash: Brother Lawrence and His Approach to the Everyday Ordinary

We take so much for granted as adults and lose the sense of wonder and openness we once had--the very essence that fosters the connection, the magnificent relationship, with God. But by being mindful of the motivation behind all we do, we can enter into a continual conversation with the Divine. And this conversation is where we’ll find true peace and rest for our souls.

Prescribing Church

Read about Brad’s decision to pursue fellowship again after 10 years of separation from church and what this renewed vision of a faith community looks like.

The Nature of Man: Good or Evil?

Many of us have been drawn to Christianity because it addresses what we perceive to be the heart of life. What I’ve been delighted to discover, is that these same issues are addressed in the secular world in deep and profound ways. Here’s a glimpse into a conversation that highlights that truth.

Choosing To See The Good

We have a choice in any situation to see others as opposed to us or as connected to us.  Realizing that opposition to another rarely gets the results we desire can prompt us choose to see the good more often.

Let’s Move Beyond Mere Intellectual Belief

In an attempt to convert God into an image we could grasp, we created a contradictory view of Him, the white-bearded God living in the heavens, distant from us, looking down and judging us at every turn. But what if we, instead, reconnected with the eternally flowing life of the Trinitarian God? How different would our lives become?